Years 5 and 6

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On this page, you will find links to learning projects for children in Years 5 and 6.  These projects can be used in the case of self-isolation, or if the school is forced to close down.  Each project is designed to last for a week, and the key themes run across all year groups, meaning siblings can be learning and talking about the same topic.  It is important for families to have some kind of structure and routine to their day if they are forced to stay home, and so we hope that these resources will help contribute to your routine.

You will see that the maths and reading tasks are very similar from week to week – this is so that the children can practise key skills which will benefit them hugely on their return to school.  The vast majority of activities are designed to not need resources printing out; any recording the children need to do can be written in the exercise books they have brought home from school.  They also have a pack of resources which can support them in their learning. 

The age groups associated with the topics are only a suggestion – it is perfectly ok for children to use activities from a different age group if you feel the tasks are more appropriate.  Contact email addresses for teachers will be on the relevant year groups’ pages: please do contact them if you have any queries and they will get back to you.

Take care, and stay well.

Year 5

Year 6

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Home Learning Project – Week 3 – Viewpoints

Home Learning Project – Week 4 – Animals

Home Learning Project – Week 5 – Environment

Home Learning Project – Week 6 – Food

Home Learning Project – Week 7 – Celebrations

Home Learning Project - Week 8 - Under The Sea

Home Learning Project - Week 9 - Sports

Home Learning Project - Week 10 - Significant People

Home Learning Project - Week 11 - Around The World