Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception) - Curriculum Topic Plan (Our Ever Changing World) Spring Term 2019

As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, we are following/ covering the children’s interests and any forthcoming events.  Throughout the year, we always observe and assess the children whilst they play and work.

These are some of the learning intentions for this term’s theme ‘Our Ever Changing World’

Personal, Social and Emotional

  • Become more aware of different lifestyles and cultures
  • Become more aware of the needs & feelings of others
  • Learn about how and why we should keep our bodies safe
  • Become more independent learners, who persevere when facing challenges. (we call this ‘Purple Learning’)

Physical Development

  • Continue to promote the use of the correct pencil grip when forming our phonemes & to begin to join digraphs
  • Continue to develop independence with dressing & undressing (especially coats & jumpers)
  • Develop confidence, skill & control whilst traveling in a variety of different ways
  • Develop control over tools & small apparatus (such as scissors, cooking utensils, balls, quoits, beanbags etc)
  • Become more aware of keeping healthy by beginning to understand the importance of sleep, exercise, hygiene as well as a balanced diet together with keeping our bodies safe
  • Develop more understanding of the need for safety when tackling new challenges.

Communication & Language

  • Retell stories & events in the correct sequence
  • Use the past tense correctly in a range of situations
  • Develop greater independence when maintaining attention in a range of different situations
  • Listen & correctly responds to two part instructions
  • Formulate & ask questions in order to find out information.


  • Introduce digraphs using the Jolly Phonics scheme
  • Begin to use phonic skills (including knowledge of ‘Tricky Words’) to read and write simple sentences
  • To write for a variety of different purposes including lists and instructions
  • Begin to use capital letters, finger spaces & full stops within sentences
  • Become more familiar with non- fiction (Information) books
  • Develop reading skills both individually & within a group situation
  • Develop comprehension skills by discussing illustrations/stories/books read & shared.


  • Continue to work on our number targets - counting, recognising, ordering numbers up to 10/15/20 or 2 digit numbers
  • Say 1 more and 1 less than a given number building up to 20
  • Begin to understand simple practical addition & subtraction & begin to record
  • Explore 2D & 3D shapes & their properties
  • Estimate quantities & count to check
  • Count on & back as a class using the number line
  • Become more aware of different coins
  • To compare capacity, size & length & develop use of the correct vocabulary.

Understanding the World

  • Explore Quedgeley & Britain & then compare ways of life & cultures to that of Gambia & China
  • Become more confident & independent whilst, accessing programs on the computers/laptops
  • Become more aware of the different uses of technology within their learning
  • Explore & observe how food, materials, animals, people & plants change & to begin to discuss reasons for the changes observed
  • Discuss how different places are special to different people. Visit St. James Church
  • Learn about Easter & Chinese New Year.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Begin to recognise & continue musical patterns
  • Read a simple Graphic Score whilst playing musical instruments
  • Become more confident when exploring an increasing range of musical instruments
  • Develop confidence when selecting from a range of art materials & discussing their art work
  • Increase observational skills during artwork (using watercolours, pastels & oil pastels)
  • Respond to the music of different places (Africa & China)
  • Design, construct & evaluate their own musical instrument using reclaimed materials
  • Continue to represent experiences & develop imagination within play situations such as Role Play, Small World etc.