Whole School Annual Curriculum Topic Plan

  Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Reception Superheroes in Training Our Ever Changing World Into The Woods
Year 1 Once upon a time... Ahoy There! Into The Woods
Year 2 Towers, Tunnels and Turrets African Adventures Into The Woods
Year 3 Bones, Boulders and Bananas Wonderful Waterways Into The Woods
Year 4 Down in the Jungle Roaming Romans Into The Woods
Year 5 Walk like an Egyptian High In The Sky Into The Woods
Year 6 All That Glitters... We'll Meet Again Into The Woods


Key Questions for Summer Terms 5 and 6

Reception: Is the forest a good place to be?
Year 1: How does your forest grow?
Year 2: What have the trees ever done for us?
Year 3: Are some trees better than others?
Year 4: What is the journey of a tree?
Year 5: Can humans survive without trees?
Year 6: How can we protect trees?