Whole School Annual Curriculum Topic Plan 2021 2022

Key Questions

Each year group will be posing a Key Question and, over the course of the term, gathering information and formulating opinions to enable them to answer their question.  We intend to make the learning as realistic and meaningful as possible for the children, making links to the real world and allowing them to explore and find out new things for themselves.  Below are the plans we have made for the term: these will develop and evolve as we explore the children’s interests and experiences. 

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Year 1 of 2

Autumn Term

Another Place and Time

Spring Term

World of Wonder

Summer Term

Champions of Change

Reception: How did I get to where I am?

Y1: What makes our Kingdom united?

Y2: How do we get where we want to go?

Y3: How does a land change over time?

Y4: Is one country better than another?

Y5: Does civilisation mean we are civilised?

Y6: Why does the past matter?

Reception: Is it difference that makes our world wonderful?

Y1: What lives in our wonderful world?

Y2: What makes our world wonderful?

Y3: What are the riches of travel?

Y4: Should we control nature?

Y5: What has mankind done that is wonderful?

Y6: Have you ever wondered…?


Reception: Why do things have to change?

Y1: How has play changed?

Y2: Can one person change everything?

Y3: Who is responsible for change?

Y4: Is change always good?

Y5: How have the few changed the world for the many?

Y6: How can we embrace change?


Year 2 of 2

Autumn Term

Enter the Tardis

Spring Term

The World in our Hands

Summer Term

Knowledge is Power

Reception: How do we change?  

Who helps us as we change?

KS1: Where will the Tardis take us today?

Y3: How have our lives changed over time?

Y4: What does change look like?

Y5: How do we know so much about the past?

Y6: Does a moment matter?

Reception: How is our body powerful?

How am I a powerful learner?

KS1: What are we doing to our world?

Y3: How can travel enrich our lives?

Y4: Is it too late to save the Amazon?

Y5: What is our place in space?

Y6: Can we save the world?

Reception: Why is our world wonderful?

How can we look after our world?

KS1: What is changing around us?

Y3: Do we play a part in change?

Y4: Does knowledge equal power?


Y6: Why do we need to know?