School Development Plan


The School Development Plan (SDP) is produced at the beginning of Term 2, in late October or early November. It’s a working document, very much the subject of modification and review, which aims to focus and give direction to the work of the school over the next academic year. 


All members of the school community have been consulted on the key priorities to be included in the SDP, through discussions during inclusive meetings involving staff and governors, including parent governors.


The monitoring of progress to achieve our objectives in each key priority is ongoing.  However, there are two scheduled reviews; one in January and one in July, the results of which are shared with governors and staff.

Please contact the school office if you would like a copy of the complete School Development Plan but here below is a brief summary of each key priority.

Summary of Key Priorities for the 2018/19 School Development Plan

Each key priority will have an action plan which is directly linked to an area for development, identified in the “Self Evaluation Summary” document.  However, all intended outcomes are interlinked.

Priority 1 - Continue to improve teaching and learning

We are working to improve the quality of our work so that children continue to make good progress and achieve well throughout their seven years at Beech Green. To do this we have planned:

  • Time for all adults to visit and get ideas from other schools
  • Lots of staff training, we are all learning
  • Continue to review (monitor) what we do
  • Provide more opportunities to share what is working well across our school, so that we learn from each other
  • More opportunities to involve and ask children to tell us what learning is like at Beech Green.

Priority 2 - Communication

This is definitely a two way process.  We’d love to hear your views and ideas. Please email .   In the most recent parent survey, you told us that you are happy with the information you receive from school. We think we could do a bit more to help everyone know what we do all day at Beech Green, our values and our work with your children. 

We will:

  • Continue to update the school website, newsletter and Twitter feed (@beech_green) and use Parentmail to keep you informed
  • Start to publish a school newspaper, a Beech Green Blog and, with an eye on safeguarding, further extend digital communication
  • Set up monthly Governor ‘drop in’ sessions for parents and carers to talk to us about concerns or develop ideas
  • Further develop community links, e.g. our children taking part in the Quedgeley Armistice Day Service.

Priority 3 - Independence and Problem Solvers

The children at Beech Green make an excellent contribution to our school. It is our joint responsibility as parents, carers and educators to make sure they are prepared for their next step: to go on to Secondary or Grammar school independent, confident learners who can find solutions and overcome difficulties.  Over the next two years, you should notice:

  • More practical, problem solving activities in all subjects, especially in science and maths
  • Children talking about P4C (Philosophy for Children), Forest School and outdoor learning 
  • Significant changes in playtime and lunchtime activities 
  • Changes in the curriculum.

Priority 4 - Assessment, Recording and Reporting

All these creative developments have been introduced to make the school day even more enjoyable, to support our children to become more confident and improve levels of achievement. Beech Green results are average, but we have noticed that they go up and down a bit too much for our liking. Our aim is to reduce the swing, to make sure every child reaches his or her potential and leaves our school knowing they’re ready for the next challenge. 

To do this, we’re going to continue to check children’s progress: nothing new there. What will change a bit is the amount and type of information you receive so that you know what they are good at, what they need extra help with and how you can help your child at home.

Priority 5 - Keeping Children Safe and Data Protection

Like most schools, we believe in an inclusive education. That all children have the right to access the best quality learning experiences to enable them to thrive.  We are proud of our Special Education Needs (SEN) provision, the way we work with families and our increasing range of support for children who find things difficult. The changes to data protection regulations means that we needed to find other ways to record confidential information: we now use CPOMS.

This secure (encrypted) on-line tool is used by all members of staff to report concerns, log incidents of challenging behaviour and store vital confidential information about our most vulnerable children, which we share (with permission) with other agencies such as Social Care

Priority 6 - Recognising What We do That Works

Although we are constantly striving to improve, there is also a need to stop and recognise what we do well. There is much to be proud of: a lot of highly skilled people doing an excellent job. So we are working to make sure we share our expertise across Beech Green and other schools.

  • We work in partnership with the Quedgeley Learning Community (QLC):  this includes all local primary and secondary schools
  • Natasha Hannaway is a maths hub specialist who, along with Aimee McEvoy and Harriet McGill, supports teachers across the county
  • Hayley Earl is a Schools Direct Learning Manager 
  • All our staff are involved in network meetings.

Priority 7 - Healthy School

You have all supported our healthy school policy brilliantly, thank you! We are now planning to review our exercise and competitive sports policy, increasing pupil participation in clubs and activities. Look out for more information from January 2019.